Experience our special events from the cockpit

Join the most decorated pilots in our Flight Angels 2016 special events. Be in the cockpit with our ace pilots as they tackle some iconic and exciting flight experiences. Fly in authentic WW2 fighter planes, tackle the world's most dangerous runway, or join ace USAF airman Col. Doug Champagne as he takes you on a ride in the breathtaking F16 jet fighter.

Flight Plan

F-16 with Colonel Douglas S. Champagne

Book now for this once in a lifetime experience to ride with decorated USAF hero, Col Doug Champagne. He will be flying you in the legendary F-16 fighter jet. Get a front row seat to all the action as the USAF's most decorated combat pilot puts this 2,000km/h fighter jet through its paces.

- Saturday 17th September 2016 15:00 GMT
- Saturday 17th September 2016 19:00 GMT
- Saturday 17th September 2016 22:00 GMT

Fly With Colonel Champagne

Lukla Airport

Pilots have to train for years to even consider tackling this infamous airport, hidden high on Mount Everest. Throughout the weekend, Flight Angels invites you to sit in the co-pilot seat of an NAC Dash 8 aeroplane to experience some of the most dangerous manoeuvres known to commercial aeronautics.

- Saturday 17th September 2016 13:00 GMT
- Saturday 17th September 2016 17:00 GMT
- Saturday 17th September 2016 20:00 GMT

Fly at Lukla Airport


The supersonic passenger jet Concorde is a marvel of engineering and design. Capable of speeds of over twice the speed of sound, this famous aircraft was the fastest commercial airliner in the world. Although now retired from service, Concorde lives on with Flight Angels 2016. Book your seat and let us take you on an amazing trip at speeds of over Mach 2!

- Saturday 17th September 2016 07:00 GMT
- Saturday 17th September 2016 12:00 GMT
- Saturday 17th September 2016 14:00 GMT
- Saturday 17th September 2016 16:00 GMT

Fly With Concorde