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If you have Microsoft FSX software (including STEAM versions) installed on your computer, you can join the events team as they fly around the world. The flight is broken into 23 one-hour legs, using a variety of different aircraft to take off from and land in a huge array of iconic locations. You can also fly alone or with friends in any one of our event legs at any time. Each session, which lasts 2 hours, costs only $5, and multiple sessions can be purchased.

Around The World

Fly Special Events

If you don't have any flight simulation software installed but would like to experience some unique flying events as if YOU were sitting in the co-pilot's seat, you can fly live in an F16 combat fighter with the highly decorated, Top Gun USAF pilot, Colonel Doug 'Bubbles' Champagne.You can also fly the Concorde with its original pilots on its last historic flight, along with a number of other amazing flying experiences. Each session is individually priced at either $5 or $10 and all proceeds will go to our partner charities.

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Simply watch our telethon on the dedicated YouTube Channel free of charge on our home page.



If you would simply like to donate to help seriously ill children and their families as well as introducing students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to careers in aeronautics.

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