Flight Angels 2016 FAQs

What is Flight Angels 2016?

Flight Angels 2016 is a charity live stream (just like a TV telethon!), bringing together world famous aviators, aviation fans, flight simulation fans and others to raise funds for three very deserving children's charities: Over The Wall, The SeriousFun Children's Network and Vision of Flight. Your kind donations will help children with life limiting illnesses get back some of their childhood through fun-filled camps that build their confidence and self-esteem, as well as introduce children from disadvantaged backgrounds to the array of opportunities available to them in the field of aeronautics.

Just like a TV telethon there are hosts and guests, interviews and lots of amazing video action of aircraft in action, including an intrepid team of pilots flying around the world in flight simulator! The whole event will be broadcast live on YouTube. You can see the YouTube live stream on our website.

Is there any real flying involved?

The vast majority of those involved in the flight are actually professional pilots; we have everyone from certified flight instructors to airline pilots, bush pilots and even world famous fighter pilots and World War 2 veterans! That said, all these pilots will be demonstrating aircraft to you using a training simulator. The reason for this is simple, our guests and pilots can talk to you and respond in the aircraft with live real-time demonstrations, which for safety reasons cannot be done in the real air. Don't worry though, our pilots are using training level simulations so you will have a hard time telling the difference from the real cockpit! We can demonstrate everything from engine failure to combat action and aerobatics on demand from the audience! It also allows us to create special camera views so you see exactly what the pilot sees, so you are in the cockpit with some of the world's most famous pilots complete with very special camera views! We are also able to create some incredible scenarios for you to enjoy!

Do I need flight simulator software to take part in Flight Angels?

You certainly do not need any software at all. Simply put, all you need to do is visit www.flight-angels.com, sit back and watch the action and donate to very worthy causes! If you are more adventurous we can get you fully involved, but this is purely optional!

How can I get involved in Flight Angels?

You can fly with us if you have Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Steam or Boxed edition or Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D. You can register to fly any of our flight legs on the schedule page for a small donation for each leg. Once registered, you will be given access to our custom servers where you can fly with hundreds of other enthusiasts on the flight legs that we are flying! This is strictly optional, if you just want to watch the telethon, that is fine by us!

Where will Flight Angels be broadcast? How can we join in?

Flight Angels is broadcast live via the magic of YouTube. You can view all of the action, celebrity interviews, prize giveaways, auctions and so much more at www.flight-angels.com which will be transmitting the live telethon directly from YouTube!

How do I join the round the world flight sim legs?

If you have flight simulator, simply register and pay the small donation for each leg on our schedules page and you will be emailed details of our multiplayer server for that leg. You can then join in very easily from your simulator!

Is Flight Angels flying on VATSIM?

Yes, for those who enjoy flying on the VATSIM network, they have very kindly partnered with us for the whole event. If you are a new pilot or prefer not to fly using VATSIM, that is fine, we also provide a custom server.

Do we need to join a multiplayer server or use VATSIM?

As above, you can use both, depending on your preference. VATSIM members are welcome to use that network, whilst others can join our custom server. The choice is yours!

Do I need to have purchased scenery for individual legs that I join?

You certainly do not need to purchase anything at all to join in a flight leg. It will work fine for you straight out of the box with the scenery that comes with your simulator. However, should you wish for some extra detailed scenery, one of our partners for the event, Aerosoft are providing scenery for most of the airports on our round the world trip. Proceeds from the sale of those airport sceneries goes to our charities! However, again, this is not compulsory, but will certainly enhance your enjoyment of the flights.

Do we need to donate to just watch the event?

No donation is necessary, although obviously the whole point of the exercise is to raise money for children who need our help, so every donation that you give makes a huge difference, so we ask that you give generously and be one of our Flight Angels for sick kids!

How do the special events work, such as the F16 flight and Concorde?

The special events each have their own special YouTube channel, where you can join some of the world's most famous pilots as they talk about their lives, adventures and the aircraft they fly. You will also be treated to a full cockpit demonstration of their aircraft with specially created cockpit view cameras. All you need is to register for your chosen event and you will be emailed with the special YouTube address where you can see these amazing events in action. You don't need any software at all. Through the magic of YouTube we can give you a pilot's eye view of each demonstration and give you the opportunity to chat directly with the real heroes of aviation!

Will Flight Angels be available to watch after the event? If so, where?

We will be making available special highlights videos to download after the event, which will be purchasable for a small donation from our website as we are sure the event will give you memories to treasure.

Will I be able to buy anything during the event? Are there giveaways or prizes?

Yes, there will be lots of giveaways and prize auctions every hour, including aircraft memorabilia, simulation software and so much more. We have literally hundreds of items available for donation and purchase, including the latest flight simulation software and expansions. Come and join us and bid to win some really incredible prizes!

When does Flight Angels start?

The event starts at 23.59 (UK Time), 18.59 (US Eastern time) on Friday the 16th September 2016.