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$30 / £20 provides a day of meals for a camper, some of our campers have such complex dietary requirements that they only ever eat at home ­ however, they are able to come to camp and eat in a safe environment, with their friends, worry free!

$50 / £35 provides a team medical emergency bag at a camp session to allow camp to be a fun and safe place with world­class medical care.

$250 / £200 Will provide Art materials, fancy dress and face painting is a vital aspect of creating the camp environment and transforming the locations we use to the magic camp bubble.

$500 / £400 will allow children to have a climbing wall experience where they may challenge themselves and conquer their fear of heights. As part of reflection after camp, campers will remember how brave they were and apply this to real life problems they may face.


$2000 / £1600 Will sponsor a family of 4 to come to a long weekend family camp where a wide range of activities are offered to allow much needed family time.


$2500/ £1,800 will make it possible for a child with serious illnesses to experience a giggle­infused, friendship rich time surrounded by incredible love and support at a week long camp.


$20,000 / £16,000 Will sponsor 16 children (a whole team) at a siblings camp because it's important to remember the siblings of children with serious illness too! Siblings can have fun without feeling guilty.

$33,000 / £25,000 Sponsor a full family camp and provide magical moments for 15 families (60 people) to experience the joys of camp.

$100,000 / £75,000 Underwrite healthy camp meals for an entire week for our campers, volunteers, medical professionals and staff.

$133,000 / £100,000 Will sponsor an entire week­long camp session for 65 children.

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More about our fantastic charities

Flight Angels 2016 is supporting three amazing charities: Over The Wall, The SeriousFun Network, and Vision Of Flight.

Over The Wall is a UK children's charity that provides free of charge residential activity camps to help children with life-limiting illnesses significantly increase their confidence, self-esteem, coping strategies and peer relationships.

The SeriousFun Children's Network is a network of international residential activity camps that create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge.

Vision of Flight is a U.S. based organisation dedicated to providing students, often from an economically disadvantaged background, with an introduction to the myriad careers available to them in aeronautics through an exciting, engaging and interactive program.

Your valuable contributions will help improve the lives of sick and disadvantaged children all over the world. Flight Angels is not just about an amazing fight sim experience, it's about demonstrating the power of a community coming together and doing real good in the world. Please help support us today.