What is Flight Angels?

Take to the skies with the world's greatest pilots

Flight Angels is a charity flight sim telethon. An event like no other, Flight Angels 2016 offers you an opportunity to experience some extraordinary feats of aviation with some of the greatest pilots in the world. All in support of some wonderful charities.

Watch, donate and participate as our pilots take to the skies in a non-stop, round the world trip under real flight conditions.

Join us for special events, including an historic Concorde flight and an F16 flight experience with legendary AirForce ace, Doug 'Bubbles' Champagne.

With your chance to fly with legendary pilots in command of iconic machines, Flight Angels 2016 will be the flight sim event of the decade. Plus, with millions of viewers around the world, Flight Angels 2016 is an event not to be missed.

16 - 18 September 2016

Flight Plan

Our Pilots

Flight Angels is proud to have the support of some of the most experienced pilots in the business. Featuring greats such as Colonel Doug Champagne and the original flight crew of the legendary supersonic jet, Concorde, Flight Angels 2016 is a flight sim event you can't afford to miss.

Our Aircraft

As part of our around the world flight sim marathon, we are showcasing a huge variety of aircraft. From huge commercial passenger jets to rare fighter planes, Flight Angels 2016 is set to be a visual spectacle like no other. Our special events will also feature historic WW2 aircraft and much more!

Our Charities

Flight Angels is dedicated to supporting children's charities. Our fund raising work has improved the lives of sick and disabled children and their families. Flight Angels is not just about an amazing flight sim experience, it's about supporting those in need. Help support us today.

Our Charities

Our Partners

Flight Angels is proud to work with our generous stakeholders, including Keystone Games and Frooglesim. We are also delighted to partner with a raft of flight simulation companies, including Dovetail Games, Just Flight, Aerosoft, IRIS Simulations, iBlueYonder, and Turbulent Designs who are all committed to supporting this incredible event. A special thanks also go out to our dedicated streamers and hosts for the event, Froogle, Guss, Novawing24, TheNorthernAlex, BelGeode and Catstrator.